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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

Nadishana - Kuckhermann Rider PDF Print E-mail

David: - 3 good (condensor) microphones, according to venue, 1 dynamic mic (SM 57) for the percussion.
- 2 stands for hangs (conga stands)
The stands are important. It can be little tables or chairs as long as the hangs fit nicely and stable and playing height is right. (ca. 50-55 cm)
-One comfortable chair to sit, not too high. With back but no sides. Should not be higher than 45 cm.
Nadishana: 2 mics (Shure SM58), 2 XLR lines for clip mics (for udu and futujara - phantom power required),

a high quality P.A., mixing console and effect processor (Compressor, Reverb), monitor system,
1 little table (60 cm x 1 m ca.), 1 armless chair,
Experienced sound engineer
A light system in proportion to the venue
Set up & sound check 1,5 hours
set down: aprox. 45 minutes

Full board vegetarian catering.



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